Paul J. Stano

Paul Stano is a second-generation advocate for Ohio seniors. It was only natural that Paul has an affinity for our state’s elderly. Paul’s the son of Jerome P. Stano, an Ohio state senator, who was Chairman of the Nursing Home Commission. Senator Stano was a co-sponsor of the Homestead Exemption Act.

For more than two decades, Paul Stano has helped folks make sure they’re able to keep as much of their hard earned money as possible. He’s fought tirelessly to help people create Estate and Life Care Plans, so that their homes, bank accounts, and other assets aren’t lost because of paying for nursing home care. This care can run as much as $10,000.00 a month here in Ohio. Unfortunately, many good people have gone broke because they weren’t ready to handle these bills. Paul is a tireless worker on his clients’ behalf to prevent this from happening. He monitors new developments in Medicaid, VA benefits, and other means to help folks pay for long-term care. He also researches and develops asset protection strategies his clients use to build wealth.

Speaking of protecting assets and building wealth in light of runaway healthcare costs, Paul like many others, wanted to shield himself and his family. Because of this, Mr. Stano spent many hours researching several available options until he discovered a very viable solution. It met all his personal criteria. Paul now employs this very strategy himself! His goal is to now pass it along to others who are looking for a guaranteed return on investment which features a built-in benefit to the person’s designee. This very wealth building strategy is revealed as part of Paul’s biweekly free seminars at the Stano Senior Resource Center, 6550 Pearl Road in Parma Heights.

Paul Stano has taken a great deal of time to pull together a team of people who share his passion for helping others. Each of these associates has a special talent and expertise to assist clients of the Stano Law Firm to accomplish their financial goals. Paul is the author of several books and consumer guides to assist those facing potential care giving challenges for themselves or loved ones. He’s also appeared on local radio and television programs as a guest expert on how best to pay for long-term care while protecting valuable assets. When folks need answers, they come to Paul Stano.

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